Lions Club Activity Program

Lions Club Activity Program

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Each Lions Club plans and launches a variety of social and humanitarian projects.

Such devotion is part of Lionism's principal activities, each Club may choose one or more specific projects which fall into the basic activities described below:

1.  Community Service

  • Build a home for people who are blind or disabled with a humane environment.
  • Culture Program and Community Environment Activities.

2.  Diabetes Awarness

  • Pendidikan masyarakat.
  • Pemeriksaan Diabetes.
  • Program Kesehatan mata Lions (LEHP).
  • Perkemahan rekreasi bagi orang-orang yang menderita diabetes.

3.  Environment

  • Recycling paper, aluminum, glass, plastic, phonebook, batteries or other products.
  • Anti-pollution efforts such as hygiene campaigns.
  • Tree planting.
  • Other Environmental sustainability projects.

4.  Hearing and Speech Action and Work with Deaf

  • Help with communication / hearing devices.
  • Hearing Aid recycling program (HARP)
  • Hearing Device Aid / using.
  • Examination of ear hearing.
  • Campsite / recreation for deaf or deaf people.

5.  International Relations

  • Club Twinning International.
  • Month International Relations.
  • Lions Day with the United Nations (UN).
  • Interclub Lions Help Program.
  • Collection and Exchange of Stamps.
  • Unicef's School-in-a-Box Program.
  • World peace Day.

6.  Lions Opportunities for Youth

  • Leo Club Program.
  • Lions Clubs International Peace Poster Contest.
  • Lions International Camps and Exchange
  • Lions Cooperation for Children and Adults.
  • Lions Quest
  • The Lions Young Ambassadors award the 21st century
  • Lions Young Leaders in a Devotion Award
  • Development and Adolescent Development

7.  Sight Conservation and Work with The Blind

  • Vision Aids.
  • Education for the blind
  • Recycle glasses
  • Helen Keler Day's
  • LCIF children's eye examination.
  • Lions Eye Bank.
  • Project for Lack of Vision
  • Camps and recreation for people who are blind or sick people.
  • Healthy Eye Program.
  • Special Olympics / Lions Clubs International Opening Eyes Program
  • Help Services for the Blind or Eye Patients.
  • Vision / Eye Examination.
  • White Wand Day
  • World Eye Day.
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